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About ME


Early life 

Growing up, I was showered with love and affection from my family, especially my mother, and grandmother. Despite being a bit of a crybaby, I appreciated the gifts and gestures from my family members.

At age three, I started attending kindergarten, where I would spend most of my time playing with my toys. At that time, I had a limited appetite, so I would use the toys to signal to my parents that I was hungry, and only then would let them feed me.

As I got older, I enjoyed playing hide-and-seek with friends in the neighborhood while riding my bike and a battery-powered electric mini-scooter.

The year’s highlight was the holiday season, specifically Christmas and New Year parties. The thought of Santa Claus and wrapped gifts filled me with excitement, and I eagerly awaited the surprises my family members would bring to the events.

It was a disappointment when it was time for the first day of school. Despite my mother’s efforts to dress and groom me, the experience was overwhelming due to the many children, parents, and teachers I had to interact with.

Growing up

As a ten-year-old, I dreamed of playing football professionally, so my parents enrolled me in a sports academy to help me achieve my goal. My ambition was to play for top teams such as FC Barcelona or Real Madrid CF, and I even made it to the local team FK Rabotnički. Despite an unforgettable moment where my mother had to quickly put on my shoes, putting the right one on my left foot and making running painful, I persevered in pursuing my passion. However, I eventually hit a dead end and had to explore other career paths.

At 12, I auditioned for a modeling company called Fashion Studio Crnokrak, and things appeared promising. But a year later, a biking accident that resulted in chipped teeth ended my modeling aspirations.

Despite these setbacks, I didn’t give up. I believed I was meant for greater things and found my true calling. I took up gymnastics, hit the gym, and tried CrossFit to improve my fitness. I also took steps to eat better, learn cooking and take English lessons.

Of all the sports I tried, gymnastics was the only one I stuck with. I work out 5-6 times a week and even set up a gym at home for quick access. Although I’m not a fan of isolated exercises, I follow combat sports, incorporating cardio routines to improve my boxing skills. I aim to do 15-20 minutes of intense cardio without breaks, which will benefit my health and fitness in the long run.

I am mindful of my diet, only consuming healthy foods rich in nutrition and protein. I avoid junk food as it doesn’t contribute to a healthy lifestyle, just like putting water in your car instead of gasoline.

The Turning Point 

I began working from home full-time and tried various jobs across industries but felt unfulfilled. That changed when I discovered the world of finances and cryptocurrencies, and everything finally clicked. Finally, I could earn an income from the comfort of my home, a concept that was new to me then.

After many unsuccessful career attempts, I devoted years to mastering English, a language that is not my native tongue. I realized that being proficient in English would open up a global market for me beyond the limits of my home country, Macedonia. I honed my skills with the help of online resources and academies, and I was soon able to write and speak English fluently.

Throughout my career journey, I tried a range of roles, including market researcher, project manager, virtual assistant, social media manager, email marketer, and others. However, over time, my team and I found that management and content creation were the most rewarding, as they allowed me to make the most of my time and continuously progress. Eventually, I became a content writer and started my journey in that field.

Working online in my country and region was a new experience at the time. Not many people knew how it worked, so I took on any job I could find in any field. The start of my freelance career was challenging, as finding clients was difficult as a newcomer without clients or reviews on the platform. 

However, I was determined and not discouraged by the initial difficulties. The people around me were unfamiliar with freelance work and didn’t believe it was possible to earn money from home. But I felt like something bigger was pushing me, and I knew there would be greater opportunities on the other side. 

To build my portfolio and gain experience, I took on simple jobs that paid little. These jobs merely funded my search for new work, and the cycle continued. Although I wasn’t paid well, I still gave each job my best effort to deliver high-quality work. This lack of recognition did not hold me back. Instead, it motivated me to work even harder.

As I progressed, I earned a reputation among clients who left exceptional feedback and gave me the support I needed to continue. Their referrals to others, such as friends, eventually made freelancing my full-time job. 

Learning the basics of content copywriting, such as headers, keywords, search engine optimization (SEO), and WordPress, was challenging initially, but I persevered and eventually became proficient. Through my work and study, I gained knowledge about finance and eventually discovered cryptocurrencies, which provided clarity about my purpose in life

Pushing Forward

Feeling successful at first motivated me to work harder and reach out to big brands in the crypto industry, such as Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, and Binance. Working with these brands opened up new opportunities and showed me the potential for growth. To keep up with these projects, I immersed myself in learning about blockchain technology, reading whitepapers, and gaining a deeper understanding of the industry. 

As I acquired more knowledge, I transitioned from seeking clients to clients seeking me out. I am now a trusted resource for organizations like Invezz and am constantly staying informed on the latest developments in cryptocurrency. I pay close attention to the crypto sphere, monitoring updates, partnerships, trends, and market analysis. It is my focus and passion, and I strive to inform as many people as possible about the constantly evolving world of cryptocurrency.

I have pursued multiple careers throughout my life, but not all of them turned out as expected. However, despite setbacks, I was never discouraged; instead, I used them as motivation to work harder in other areas. Looking back, I understand why some of my previous careers didn’t work, but everything happens for a reason. 

My advice is never to give up. Today, I have written guides and educational content on thousands of cryptocurrencies and financial services and conducted various types of analysis, including price forecasts and technical analyses of blockchain projects. These experiences have helped me improve my content copywriting process and strategy. 


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