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Gods Unchained play-to-earn has pumped over 8% in the last 24 hours and is showing no signs of apparent weakness.

If the bulls can maintain positive price momentum there is a chance that Gods Unchained (GODS) token might recover to $0.30.

Whilst Gods Unchained looks promising in the short-term, the upside potential could still be quite limited and a new play-to-earn battle card game rival such as Calvaria still has 10x potential as it is currently in presale.

Gods Unchained Crypto Price Prediction 2022

Over the last few days Gods Unchained (GODS) crypto has been increasing in price due to an influx of volume as Bitcoin consolidates around the $16,400 price range.

At the time of writing this article Gods Unchained is trading within a broadening ascending channel which is typically a bullish continuation pattern.

A large wick on top of a recent 4-hour candle does however reflect a great amount of resistance at roughly $0.26.

The price of Gods Unchained (GODS) has now swiftly corrected down to $0.241 from an overbought position which could be a good opportunity for dollar cost averaging.


GODS/USD – 4 Hour Time Frame.

As we can see from the chart above Gods Unchained has been printing higher highs and higher lows on the price charts.

If the bulls are able to maintain positive price continuation we could see a pump up to the resistance trendline of $0.262.

The next technical price target for Gods Unchained (GODS) would be at the resistance trendline of $0.29 offering up to 20.75% gains from the current trading price.

Of course the opposite could happen and Gods Unchained makes a complete u-turn and spirals back down towards a support trendline of $0.22.

If this support level is lost Gods Unchained might see negative continuation down to $0.0204.

The momentum of this particular altcoin heavily relies on the trajectory of Bitcoin and is still down by 96% from its previous all-time high.

It is also worth noting that according to Coinmarketcap only 28% of the total supply is in circulation. This is quite a bearish factor as if more supply is released there will be a negative impact on price – even if the market capital is the same.

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Upon looking at the unique selling points of Calvaria it becomes quite clear that it has the competitive edge over God’s Unchained.

Calvaria P2E battle card game is currently in presale phase where 1 USDT = 30.77 $RIA tokens – the utility token of Calvaria.

Calvaria is set to launch around a $3m hard cap, this means there is a strong chance of it reflecting a 10x upon launch once it lands on Centralized and Decentralized exchanges.

If you are keen to research the Calvaria ecosystem please check the official website here.

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