Mark Thompson Cryptomade

Mark Thompson, Cryptomade

CryptoMade will teach you crypto. Mark Thompson talks about Bitcoin, Altcoins, DeFi, Gaming, Metaverse and NFTs as investment opportunities that he believes have great potential.


Mark Thompson

1. What inspired you to begin CryptoMade?

Many people were afraid of entering the blockchain space and beginning to make investments due to the fact that they did not understand the underlying technology and how all of it worked. The fear surrounding decentralization and not having a centralized authority controlling a specific exchange can discourage many, and as such, creating the resources that explain all of these things in-depth enables a lot more confidence in people to begin entering the space and making investments.

2. How did you create CryptoMade, and what was it like at the beginning?

Cryptomade was created as a means of helping people build a low-risk, widely profitable crypto portfolio. Many of the topics surrounding the bootcamp include learning the basics of blockchain, how crypto trading works, how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) work, and how the crypto gaming and metaverse side of things look like, as all of this data is mandatory for their success.


3. Why did you decide to enter the blockchain space for the very first time?

There was a hole, a void in the blockchain space where not a lot of companies or exchanges began teaching people what cryptocurrencies are and how to begin their endeavors in the blockchain space with the right knowledge. As a result of this, people would make mistakes and have a fear of going further. CryptoMade was created to educate each person, so they can make well-informed and well-educated decisions as to how they make investments in the blockchain space.

4. What did you work on before you jumped into the blockchain space?

I was the co-founder of PayKickstart, a company that reinvented payments and an affiliate platform. I am also the CEO of Digital Kickstart and was the president of Search Creatively. Additionally, I was an Internet Marketing Manager at Atlantic BT, a search marketing account manager at Click Optimize, and a Marketing Assistant at BrandPort Inc. and StrikeIron Inc.

5. How did you figure out that people lacked knowledge in the blockchain space and needed a solution such as CryptoMade?

A lot of people throughout cryptocurrency forums lacked the knowledge required to make well-educated decisions. They went into the blockchain space completely blind and were surprised if the results did not pan out as they originally intended them to or wanted them to. As such, it was clear that this new and rising industry did some things extremely well, such as decentralization. However, it lacked in educating people about their specific technologies. Not everyone wanted to or had the time to go through every project’s whitepaper and learn how all of it works. They needed it all tightly packed together and served for easy consumption.

6. Do you believe that blockchain technology can see mainstream adoption in the near future?

Blockchain technology has already seen adoption. Bitcoin is legal tender in El Salvador, and there are more online e-commerce websites that support Bitcoin alongside other cryptocurrencies as a payment option than ever before throughout our history in the industry. With quicker and cheaper blockchains being released consistently that feature high transactions-per-second (TPS) counts, we can see cryptocurrencies replace even FIAT payment methods at some point in the future.

7. With the blockchain space being flooded with crypto bootcamps, why does CryptoMade stand out in your opinion?

We do more than just provide people with sheer PDFs or video files that they can avoid. We take things further by driving engagement and making them part of a community. It is easy for someone to purchase an online class and then put it in a virtual folder and forget about it; however, once they gain genuine mentorship, guidance, and experience at a bootcamp, they will be able to actually push themselves and learn a lot more.

8. Is CryptoMade currently working on anything new that will be introduced throughout 2023?

CryptoMade consistently aims to push new products and offerings in front of the eyes and minds of those enthusiastic about the blockchain space. We will likely introduce new educational content that will push them to the next level.

9. What key advice or guidance would you like to share with someone just entering the crypto space for the first time?

Take the time to learn as much as possible about a project before you begin crypto trading as a procedure. You will need to know the underlying project’s technology and team in order to make a well-educated decision about which cryptocurrencies you will trust. Read up on NFTs, and explore the crypto gaming and Metaverse space, so you know the industry fully. Diversification is key.

10. What qualities are essential for someone to have to find success in the crypto space?

Dedication and pure will. People don’t really need too much background knowledge in order to get engaged within the blockchain space. All they need is interest in the space and true dedication to learning as much as possible about it. Not quitting is essential in any industry, not just blockchain, as the beginning of anything is hard until a specific point is reached, after which it is easy.