DeFi & DEX Launches Update 1.7 to the Wallet That Introduced Enhanced Multi-Staking Options

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In one of the largest development updates on the Cardano blockchain ecosystem, the Lace Cardano Lite wallet, developed by Input Output Global (IOG), just saw the release of version 1.7%. 

This version introduces various elements that can help enhance how users interact with it, and today, we will go over all of the most notable changes, from the enhanced multi-staking options to improved insights for users and optimal times for returning and saturating staking pools.


  • The Lace wallet built on Cardano released their latest version
  • Lite Wallet version 1.7 introduces enhanced multi-staking options
  • This update also improves user insights and will enable optimal staking pool management

The Key Updates Behind the Lace Wallet

This latest iteration of the Lace Wallet, as posted by the official team on X, formerly Twitter, on November 15, 2023, brings many updates that can enhance the user experience.

Those who interact with multiple blockchain networks will get a streamlined experience as a result of these updates.

In addition, the Lace team also undertook comprehensive load testing on the back end through the usage of HD wallets.

Even under high-demand use-cases, the network will perform optimally as a result. The wallet now also features a far superior level of integration with Ledger devices, in addition to other dApps. This is due to the result of the implementation of an enhanced serialization library in the Cardano-js-sdk. 

How Users Will Benefit From This Update

This update to the Lace wallet also brings advancements in Web3 compatibility. It will include a semi-automatic collateral setup for CIP-30, and it will refactor complex code areas. The end-to-end test areas have also been enhanced by the development team. They are also now exploring CIP-95, which relates to the upcoming Voltaire phase of Cardano’s development process. 

Alongside these changes, the Marlowe team, integral to the Cardano ecosystem, made notable strides in enhancing the overall efficiency of the “FindTxsFor” operation and the chain indexer. These play a critical role in optimizing transaction searches and maintaining a streamlined blockchain ledger. 

The Future of the Lace Wallet

The wallet has processed 74.8 million transactions during the past week, making it one of the largest in the ecosystem. As Cardano’s network continues to evolve consistently, the Lace Wallet’s updates will also evolve and enhance the user experience with additional functionality. 

The team will focus on user interface improvements, back end efficiency, and proactive alignment with the broader roadmap. Lace Wallet is now a key player within the Cardano ecosystem and offers users a flexible platform to interact with the blockchain. This also showcases how dedicated the team is towards enabling an ever-evolving wallet that will keep track and will grow in parallel to the Cardano blockchain. 

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